Sunday, February 22, 2015

The nightmare called RSV

Tueday Feb 10th, we got home from Utah in the evening. T still had his fever, and had started into the chills and a cough. We watched him for a while, and then decided he needed a blessing. So we called a family member to come over and assist Mike. After the blessing we put him down and he had what we think was a seizure. Now T is on seizure medication that works wonders and we don't really have to worry about them. But when sick they get worse. So we got him in the bath and gave him some more medication and he and I went to my bed to sleep for the night.

He slept in and out most of the night, but when I woke up at 5 to give him his regular medication he was burning up again. Not long after the medication was given an insane amount of green vomit came up, all over him and the bed. We got him cleaned up, and about 5:30am due to some weird breathing we decided that we needed to take him to the ER.

So off we went. When we got there his fever was starting to settle down(100.5), but his breathing was still weird. We got settled into a room and a nose swab for several tests was done. Results came back and ding ding ding, T was the luck winner of RSV. So a nebulizer treatment was done, and then oxygen had to be placed-due to the weird breathing his O2 levels were in the 80's. 

It was determined that T was going to need to be admitted to the Pediatric unit. So off to the 3rd floor we went. A Vapotherm flow canila was placed because T's breathing was becoming more labored. We got settled into out room and began the waiting game. We saw several nurses, respiratory therapists, a pediatrician throughout the day.

T had a hard time getting off of the high levels of the Vapotherm, so our stay length was to be determined. He also started to have some other issues that stem from his 'normal issues'.
We were placed on SEVERAL medications, an IV to try and help with everything.

Sleeping in a hospital bed or couch is hard on a pregnant ladies body. My mom stayed the night once, and offered more, with T so that I could go home and get a full nights rest. I'm so grateful for her, and for everyone that came to see us while we were in-patient. We also were very blessed to have so many people bring treats, food, books, movies, magazines, sent texts, called, left Facebook/Instagram messages, etc for us! We are so indebted to many people!!!

Sunday night, about 9:30pm, we were finally able to be discharged. I am so thankful that we didn't have to come home on oxygen like it was originally thought we would. Trenton was so glad to be out of the hospital(even though he got woken up to come home), and we are so glad to have him home too!!!

The RSV is gone, and slowly our T is coming back to us again. We still are dealing with a few other issues that have stemmed off of it. We will head back down to Primary Children's next week to find out what we need to do to solve these issues. We hope for the best, and know that God's hand is in all things!

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