Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Trip to Utah

On Feb 8th we made the trek down to Utah, for my cousin Tayla's homecoming.
The 3 of us went down with my parents and two sisters and had a lot of fun seeing family
that we don't get to always see. Welcome home Tayla!

Side story:to make the trip even more fun, Mike was able to finally come!
He switched jobs at the beginning of the year and now is home every night, and all weekend!!!

It just happened to work out that T had an appointments that following Tuesday at Primary Children's. So my mom, T, and I stayed down at my Aunt Janet's house. My cousin Lacey and her two little boys are staying at the house right now, while Aunt Janet and Uncle Kent are serving their mission.  

Maddix is 4, and was amazing with T! Trenton loved watching him and 'playing' with him!

It warmed my heart to watch the love and patience that Maddix had for T! Maddix truly didn't see any of T's disabilities or delays, and just 'played' with him, talked to him, and loved him for HIM!
I loved it! I wish more kids were like this. Kids are usually really great with T, but not many will 'play' with him like Maddix did.

On Monday we just dotted around, wasting the day. Then on Tuesday we headed to Salt Lake for T's appointment. T woke up that morning at 4:30am with a high fever. I was able to keep breaking the fever throughout the day, and he seemed to be comfortable. 

We saw Gastroenterology. We love Dr. O'Gorman, she is hilarious with Trenton. T has been having some issues keeping his feeds down since December, and his weight was starting to drop, so this appointment was much needed. The appointment went great, and we were sent on our way with some new medications and formula to try out for 6 weeks.

After a quick bite to eat from the cafeteria-which has really good food, we headed home.
The ride home was nice and quiet, as T slept most of the ride home. It's now been a week and things seem to be going well with the new medications, and the debate is still out on the food.

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