Tuesday, April 1, 2014

UDA Dental Convention

First off; Happy 1st day of April, and a happy April fools to ya!

Every spring my office goes down to Salt Lake City for the 'Utah Dental Convention'. It's a 2.5 day trip, full of stuffing our faces with loads of calories, and sitting in classes all day to learn the newest things in dentistry. It's lots of fun, and a good break for a minute.

We arrived Wednesday late afternoon, and headed to City Creek mall to shop.

That night we ate our weight at the Cheesecake Factory. Seriously amazing cheesecake!

Although the trip is fun and full of girl time, I get anxiety about leaving T!
We were always in communication, and sent many text back and forth, that looked like this.

Thursday night after class was done, we hit up Johny Rockets for dinner. The burger I had was so-so, but the highlight of the night was splitting a yummy oreo shake with my co-worker Amy.

Friday morning I received the following picture texts from Mike, telling me good morning from T.

And then after class and some shopping we headed home. And as fun as our quick always is, it's always so nice to be back in my house, surrounded by my boys!!

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