Sunday, May 4, 2014

Girls weekend road trip.

Way back at the end of March; my mom, sisters, T and I all headed out on a girls weekend trip.
We headed all the way to Heber City, UT! My aunt and uncle own a home up there and were gracious enough to let us mini vaca there!
T does so-so on long car rides. We have figured out that the DVD player and his shows are the best thing in the world! It definitely is a road trip saver!!

We drove down into Park City one of the days and shopped the day away! T did amazing while out shopping, even without a nap!

While out shopping, we met a special needs boy named Andrew, he was super funny and actually a great shopping partner to his cousin. Andrew knew no boundary limits however, and kept touching my hair bow, and T's shocks. T was not so much a fan of being touched by a stranger. He was fun though! My mom thought it would be fun to get a picture with him so that we could have this memory forever.

That night we went back to the house, ate pizza and desserts, and watched movies all night long.
It was awesome, relaxing, and much needed!!

And then we had to come home. It was a great trip and very much needed!!
Love girls weekends!!

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