Monday, March 31, 2014


I've been behind on my instagram's, so this one will be fairly large. Hang in there with me.

Heading on a day trip to Utah.

Another monthly check up at PCMC.
This time to check his feeding tube, things look great!

This is called "Grandpa piggie" at our house.

Tom proposed to Whitney!

The cutest 'nerd' I know!!

Watching 'Jake'.

March's wreath.
Jordan thinks he's pretty hot stuff....he's single ladies ha ha ha

Spring is trying to appear.

A beautiful morning spent at the temple.

We are ready for St. Patrick's day!

Mom's sewing buddy.

A new blanket for a soon-to-be new nephew

Sitting like a big boy at church.

Haircut #3.

Before bedtime snuggles with dad.

Wedding dress shopping for Aunt Whitney!!

family date night.

Happy St. patty's day Sunday!

Celebrating St. Patrick's Day with green dinner.

Mike knows how to keep T and I happy while running errands.

Mike and I watching the movie, Frozen after T went to bed.

Started some seeds for my garden.

Two beautiful spring like days in a row called for some outdoors time and some yard work!

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