Friday, July 5, 2013

Sick Baby: Part 1

Back at the end of May Trenton came down with some sort of bug. He started acting really fussy, and then became kind of lethargic. He started doing this arching position, and would tighten his entire body when doing so. Then he started to be fussy about eating, and would refuse to eat at times.

One Tuesday night he did not sleep much through the night, and was up with a fever, and very cranky.
 We called the doctor first thing in the morning on Wednesday and got him in with the Dr.

The dr. found that Trenton was extremely dehydrated and recommended us to have an IV placed in Trenton's arm to run IV fluids. They thought that it would just be a 24 hour period. He ended up being much more dehydrated than they expected and the IV was not pulled until Friday, 48 hours after placement.

He got better and was almost back to his chipper, happy self.
But then he started back into the same type of symptoms, but they would come and go.
He would be great one day, and horrible the next.

One Friday afternoon he was just inconsolable. He would not stop crying, and then started throwing up over and over again. So after consulting with my parents and Mike it was decided that we would need to head to the E.R.

We ended up staying in the E.R. until just about 2am, then we were admitted into the Pediatric ICU.

We stayed in the hospital from Friday until Monday early evening. Trenton had many test run, and another IV placed for fluids.

He ended up getting better and we were discharged with no definite reason to what was going on.

Going home!


He was doing so well for a few days, and then he headed down hill again.

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