Monday, July 1, 2013

Instagramming, as of late.

Trenton and his beloved swing.

Some of my blogging friends and I at a class about making money.

We had such a nice note left in our mailbox one day. The note also contained money. We feel so blessed to know that people care, and are looking out for us. Prayers truely were answered with this act of service, and it really helpped our family out.

Working on a fathers day present.

I have really gotten into essential oils recently, and with all of Trenton's tummy issues these oils have been a life savor and a miricle worker!

My in-laws gave me two climbing rose bushes for my birthday last year, this is the first bud off of them this season! I can't wait for them to fully bloom, and to start climbing!

Cuddling with my sweet sick boy!

Trenton was pouting at me for putting him on his tummy.

Sleepy boy.

The first strawberry out of my patch!

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