Saturday, July 6, 2013

Sick Baby:Part 2

We ended up back in the E.R. the following Friday, June 7th, with 103* fever. We only had to stay for a few hours so they could monitor him and give him more IV fluids.

We had a 6 month follow up at PCMC on June 13th. Dr. Moritta our Neurologist thought everything looked good as far as her knowledge went, but that she wanted to refer us to a Rehab Medicine doctor, as well as a Geneticist for more testing. We left pretty discouraged to say the least.

Trenton was less than thrilled to be at the hospital again...

That following week went about the same, until later in the week when Trenton's wet diaper count took a big dive. By Saturday evening we had only had one diaper. We called the pediatrician, who recommended we get T up to the E.R. to be checked.

So back up we went, and again were admitted for about 15 hours. More IV fluids were given, and more testing was done. Still nothing was coming up wrong, so they sent us home.

Trenton pouting from being placed on tummy time.


We suffered through the next few days until our follow up appointment with our pediatrician.

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Shoe Mama said...

Hi Megan,
I know it seems silly and it may have already been screened for, but did they check for a UTI? The last time we were admitted to the hospital for our little boy, I was worried about a shunt malfunction, and it ended up being a UTI where he was so backed up from holding it that the pressures in his abdomen were affecting the shunt function. I hope your baby gets feeling better soon. You will be in my prayers.
Mindy Lira (Brenna and Kelsey's sister.)