Monday, April 30, 2012

Trenton Jacob

Mike and I proudly announce the arrival of our sweet little bundle of joy,
 Trenton Jacob Jorgensen
 Born April 23, 2012 at 2:27pm
7lbs 4 oz. 20" long.

Here is his story:

I had a regular doctors appointment scheduled for Monday the 23rd of April at 8:30am. Mike was able to go with me to this appointment, which he had not been able to do for several weeks. We arrived at my appointment and only waited a few minutes before being called back. I gave Leslie, Dr. Oldroyds amazing nurse my urine and she placed the test strip in it. Then she took my blood pressure. My b.p was very high, especially for me, 146/99. We waited a while and she re took it, it had gone down but only to in the 130's. The urine test also showed that I was spilling protein into my urine. Leslie went and grabbed Dr. Oldroyd, he measured my stomach and then we listened to babies heart beat. Baby sounded great and was growing on schedule. He then checked me, still a 4cm and no cervix change from the hospital the day before. However he was not loving the results of Leslie's findings and stated that 'today was the day'. I almost jumped off the table I was sooo happy! He left the room to go call the hospital and I changed back into my clothing. I was on cloud nine by this point. We were going to have this baby today!!!! We were going to meet this little man today!!

minutes after birth.
We left the office and headed home to grab our bags and the car seat. We also called our family to inform them of what was coming. We arrived at the hospital at 10:00am and I was hooked up to all the monitors and IVs. I needed to receive antibiotics due to my strep B positive reading before they would start the PIT. At 11:00am they started the PIT and it worked it's magic, the contractions got more frequent and intense. Dr. Oldroyd came over about noon and informed us that they would break my water at 1:00pm. 

Mommy and baby
 One o'clock rolled around and the fun began. My cervix was so thin that Dr. O was able to break my water using his hand. They then placed an internal monitor on baby T's head and immediately the most intense pains shot through me, and I was more then ready for my epidural! Jeff Taylor was our CRNA and he prepped me and got me hooked up, however despite his best efforts I was flying through the pain. They had the nurse check me right after the epidural was placed and I was already at a 5cm, so they went to tell Oldroyd. I was still in horrid pain and was crying, I could feel the epidural doing what it was supposed to but it wasn't making a difference for me. When the nurse got back they checked me again and I had jumped to an 8. So in 20 minutes I had gone from a 4cm to an 8cm and was still feeling everything. I was terrified that I was going to have to labor this baby all while feeling everything!!! I have never felt pain like that before!

daddy and baby
 Finally after some crazy pain meds and 4 doses of epidural it kicked in and I was thanking the heavens! Dr. O stayed in the room with us at this point because I was dilating so quickly. A few minutes later and they had me ready to push! I pushed for 15 minutes and had baby T out in four pushes! It was amazing and wonderful! 

minutes after delivery
 When they placed him on my stomach all I could do was be in awe. He was perfect!! Mike cut the umbilical cord. I think the shock took over at this point because all I remember was feeling happy and heavy. I couldn't move a thing! They took Trenton over to be cleaned off and check him out. Then they brought him to me, and the tears began. All I could think about was Carter, and then this baby. How they had meet and how Carter's spirit was with us. I truly believe that Carter was with us that day, and has been with us since. The tears flowed as I thought about how the last time I had held a baby that was mine was the night before Carters funeral. I cried for a while and then the joy took over the sadness and I never wanted to let go of this full term, healthy baby of mine. Still don't.

head over heels in love!
finally getting to hold him.
 After delivery we were moved into our recovery room and from there the day pretty much blurs together. I know we had lots of family and friends come to love on our bundle of joy. We had to stay in the hospital for 48 hours because I was only able to receive 1 round of antibiotics before delivery.

the proudest dad around
Trenton Jacob
 It's been a learning experience that's for sure. We have enjoyed every minute of it, even the late nights or all nighters. Baby T has his days and nights switched but we are slowly changing that around.We wouldn't change anything for the world!

changing the first diaper
after his first time being feed.
Since being home we have been having so much fun with Trenton. In fact, we are creating some bad habits from not ever setting him down. When Trenton was born he weighted in at 7lbs 4oz, when we left the hospital he was down the 6lbs 12 oz. He also has jaundice. We were recommended to see the pediatrician the day after we left the hospital due to his jaundice levels. On Thursday we headed into the pediatrician's office, were we learned that in 24 hours Trenton had gone down to 6lbs 5oz. The Dr. told us that we needed to start supplementing with formula because he was down over the allowed weight. We also have to go into the Dr.'s office every day to have his b.r levels checked. 

We love this baby so much and are so grateful each and every day for him being in our lives.


Idaho Reids said...

YEAH!!! i'm so excited for you! he is so sweet!!! i can't wait to meet him! Mady did the exact same thing. She weighed 7 pds 8oz her first day and then dropped to about 6 10 we didn't supplement formula. She was kinda full of water weight like her mama was. Been little ever since! I'm so happy for you guys! can't wait to see your new little house as well :)

Ashleigh and Todd said...

Oh that made me cry! So happy for you guys!! Such a cute little man too. I love birth stories. Enjoy your little bundle of joy!

Mindee and Austin said...

megan i am beyond happy for you and your beautiful family! your little man is so so cute, and i can tell you guys are just in love with him so much!! love all your pics, im glad to hear everything went smooth sailing in delivery and that its been a great first week!!

ps-that was exactly zoees weight zoo!