Monday, April 30, 2012

an over load of pictures and a one week update.

day one. at the hospital
Heading home.
at home days 1-4
first bath at home.
We are at one week old today; here is what we've learned so far...

-loves his hands right by his face, but always has to have his hands covered because he scratches the crap out of his face.
-eats 1-2oz every hour per the doctors request due to his weight lose
-pees out of EVERY outfit
-loud sleeper
-loves being held and swaddled. 
-still has jaundice
-likes being bathed until he gets cold.
-wants to hold his head up on his own but has no control over it yet


Lacey Johnson said...

Meg, he is so cute and looks just like you in some of those pictures. Are you guys in a house now or are you still at your parents?

Mike and Jamie said...

Hooray! He is so, so cute! We are so very happy for you! (Don't worry, all my boys had jaundice.) We can't wait to meet Trenton!
Love to you all!

Kristy said...

He is perfectly, perfect in every way!!!! I can't wait to see him!

the Youngs said...

What an adorable little guy!! Oh my goodness, nothing quite so wonderful or so tiring as a newborn, right? Congrats!!

Michelle said...

Beautiful megan!! Beautiful

Darci Gardner said...

So handsome! And your birth story made me cry. So happy for your little family!