Saturday, April 14, 2012

37 weeks

I went to the doctor yesterday for my 37 week appointment, and good new was given to me!!
I am dilated to a three and my cervix is soft. Dr O said that my body is ready and that I could have this baby any day now! I was thrilled with this news!!! So now the question comes, how many days will equal 'any day'??? guess we will see!

I've also been swelling lately, and it's not going away...check out these cankles!
cankles on 4-12-12
 After my appointment I decided that it was time I get my tosh in gear and get some of my last minute baby projects crossed off the list. So I sat down and knocked this number out! Love getting things crossed off!!! And I really enjoy this dino car seat cover! It's not perfect, but I think it's pretty great!

Now we are pretty much ready for baby boy to get here!

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Stacie Couch said...

I love the cover, such a cute pattern! We love the one you made us, it goes everywhere with us! Oh the waiting game...wouldn't it be nice if you could know what week you were going to have your baby so you could prepare a bit more? My swelling got even worse for the first few days after delivery....I should have taken a picture for documentation, it wasn't pretty. Good luck! I am there on Thursday so I expect to hear good news soon!!