Sunday, April 8, 2012

The latest and greatest:

I went to the doctors on Friday for my weekly check up. Things went well, babies heart rate was strong and high. I am measuring right on, if not just a little larger. I decided that this could be a true Jorgensen baby, when the Dr. mentioned the number 8lbs while we were talking about him possibly being a "bigger baby". Yikes! hah I'm thinking that, that wouldn't be all that nice. When you go from a 2lbs-er baby, then jump to 8lbs...they should slowly increase, not jump 6lbs! I am dilated to a full 2cm now. Doc says that we probably have another 1-2 weeks. I'm not holding my breath though, I'm going to plan on having to be induced. So that if I do go early I can be happily surprised!

I had another NST yesterday and things went great! Best one yet as far as baby goes!
They said that baby was exceptional during his test!!! I am still contracting, all day and night in fact.
During our test I was contracting about every 3-7 minutes or so, but they are not concerned due to how far along I am. Oldroyd said that he won't stop anything from here on out if I decide to go on my own.

In other news, things with the house are coming along nicely. We aren't moved in yet, but we do have quite a bit of our things moved in. I need to get some pictures of the process. Thanks to Mike, our families and some a-maz-ing friends we now have our master bedroom painted, the kitchen ceiling painted, the kitchen put together, the shelves in the garage stabilized, the half (useless) entryway wall removed, and the babies room 90% set up and ready! We are taking it slowly, no hurry right now. We figure we will get there when we do, although hopefully sooner rather than later. haha we will see.

My uncle Kent had a heart attack yesterday, he is in a 24 hour medicated comma right now. We will continue to keep him in our thoughts and prays, and we ask that you do the same. We will know more either tomorrow or Tuesday. All our love goes out to him and his family at this time!

Also yesterday, our niece Jayni was baptized!!! I was not able to attend due to it being in Boise, but Mike was able to have the day off to go and be apart of her special day! We hope she knows just how special she is and how much we love her!! Congrats Jayni!!!

And finally, Happy Easter today! It's been a great day! I have really been able to ponder on what this day is truly about, I think this is the first time in my life to actually be able to grasp thee entire concept of what happened some 2000 years ago. It's been wonderful, and I hope you have been able to ponder on the meaning as well! Happy Easter!!!!!!

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