Sunday, March 11, 2012

Failed blood pressure test.

March 9, 2012
I am 33 weeks today, YIPPEE!!!! I am so glad that things are moving along and that I am still 'with child'.
I went to my appointment on Friday for my normal weekly check up. Dr. Oldroyd has placed me on weekly check ups now since braxton hicks contractions are possible from here on out he wants to keep ahead of everything and just keep a close watch on me. So I went in Friday afternoon, everything was good...that is until they took my blood pressure. I've never had an once of trouble with my b.p. in fact they always tell me it's perfect. Leslie(the nurse) took it and stated that it was a little high for me, she had me pee in a cup again and tested my urine again. My pee was fine, as always just a slight trace of protein...nothing to be worried about. She took my b.p. again and it was still high(for me), so she made some notes and told me that Dr. O would talk to me about OK??!! So I sat there, waiting for my turn. Dr. O came in, measured my belly which is right on schedule. He then put the doppler goop on my stomach and we had a good listen at babies heart. Baby wasn't loving having the doppler on him that day and would swim away every time we finally would get to really hear anything. Never-the-less baby sounded good. Then he sat me up, and 'the talk' came. Long story short, I was sent right over to the hospital for a stress test. Lovely, but I understood that it was better to play it safe, then end up in labor or with pre clampsia.

I headed over to EIRMC and checked in at L&D. They hooked me up to the contraction monitor as well as a baby heart monitor. I also had my b.p checked again, although they said it looked fine, I however knew what my 'normal' is and this number was higher then the past two checks that day. However could you blame me? I was alone and didn't know what the end result of this test was going to determine for me...hello, you would have higher b.p too!!!!

My nurse was so lovely to me and was totally OK answering all of my one million questions. I laid there for about 45mins-1hr, then the nurse came in and explained that Dr. O had actually stopped by to see another patient and they showed him what my test was showing. He then decided that I needed to stay for a while longer. Jump forward to 1.5 hours later and I was still laying there. Apparently I was having contractions, which is completely normal I guess. The worry-some part of it was that about ever 2-3 times I would have one babies heart rate would decelerate. Therefor starting my time over. Long story short, I was there very close to 4hours straight until they determined that I would be OK to go home. I now however have to go back bi-weekly for stress tests, this is until either labor or until Dr. O decides otherwise. The best part about this test though...listening for 4 hours to my baby swim around and play in my belly. He H.A.T.E.S those monitors and it was slightly funny how many times he literally pushed them out of place!

Don't get me wrong, I am so glad that we are taking all precautions in this pregnancy, I just didn't really have time in my life to add a 1-2 hour test into my week. Oh well, it has to be done and so it will. My goal this week: limit the stress. If 'it' doesn't get crossed off my to-do list then life will still go on and be OK.......

Other than the above mentioned story things are going so well for us right now.
We have an accepted offer on a house, which I will tell all about as soon as we close for fear of jinxing things. I also had a baby shower on Saturday, which we will my next post so stay tuned!!!

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Stacie Couch said...

I hated having HPB, it always went up when I was nervous at the Dr. office or when they took it over and over again. How could it not be?! So glad you are ok and baby gets to cook longer! Enjoy the extra monitoring of the little guy, so fun to watch them play.

You have an accepted offer! Yay! I am dying to hear details!