Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Baby Shower #1

On Saturday March 10th my best friend Amy Walker hosted baby boy and I's our very first ever shower! It was a wonderful day with lots of loves and spoiling!!!! Baby boy and I received some very lovely and needed items for our journey. We were surrounded by family and great friends. I was surprised how many of my family members came up from Utah and want to deeply thank them for their support!

Amy did a fabulous job hosting, and her and her sisters and momma did a great job with the delicious food and decor. I hope they all understand just how thankful I am for their kindness and love through out the years!!! 

Here are just a few photo's from the shower:
a gift from my cousin Desi and her momma.
baby boys quilt from Grandma Jorgensen
an adorable motorcycle gift created by my cousin's wife Kami and my aunt Tami.
a soccer ball toy my mom gave to baby boy. Mike and mom have a joking revelry between baseball and soccer.
I had a blast at the shower and am so grateful for all of my friends and family members who came and/or sent gifts via mail. It really means a lot to Mike and I to know just how loved we are by so many wonderful people in our lives!!!!

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