Friday, December 30, 2011

Friend Party 2011

We had our friend Christmas party last night, the 29th of Dec. It was so good to see everyone and have everyone together! It's been over a year since we have all been together, and lots has changed, including two new additions to the party! We love the baby train! Next year we will have to get a picture of all the kids together! We had the party at the Walkers home, seeing as they are the only ones in town with a house right now! We ate lots of food, talked, played ping pong, opened gifts, and just has a really good time together! I'm so glad that we were able to see each other and spend some time together! I love these people, we have all been through a lot together, and I am grateful for them! Love you guys!w

Robert, Stacie, & Logan Couch
John, Coya, & Maddy Reid.

Bryan & Laura Rovig
Mitch, Amy, & Brynnlee Walker
Mike, Megan & little boy Jorgensen

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