Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas 2011

Well Christmas 2011 has come and gone. All of our family has left back to their homes, and the decorations have come down. Christmas was good this year, although for some reason it didn't feel like it normally does. This year was the Jex Christmas turn: 

Friday night we went to the Jorgensen family Christmas party, it was fun to see everyone and enjoy some good food and company. We also played some really fun games, and won some great prizes!

Christmas Eve was with the Jex's. We did our traditional Chinese food with the Matrinson family, then back to the house for more goodies, opening our Christmas jammies, and watching 'The Christmas Story". A classic at our house! We also tracked the big man himself thanks to smart phones. We stayed up way to late, laughing and having a good time.

Christmas Day we got up, went to Church, came home and ate some goodies to tide us over because my siblings were DIEING to open gifts. We did the gift thing, had a delicious breakfast of waffles, eggs, chocolate milk, and bacon. Then it was nap time! Mike and I slept for a good 3 hours, I guess we were tired. After the naps, we played with the gifts we received(well some of us did.) then it was time to start dinner...we ate prim rib! It was so good, and we ate every bite of it. After dinner Mike and I ran over to his parents house, to open sibling gifts with everyone. It was fun to see what everyone had received this year. After gifts were opened we all hung out and relaxed, played, and just talked. 

I received this year: 
the rest of my Willow tree Nativity Collection, two pairs of shoes, two types of ear warmers, two scarves, a Christmas book for Mike and I's family collection, a few gift cards, candy, and a family game.
 Mike received:
a gamer chair, an x-box station, an x-box controller, candy, body sprays, a suit hanger for his truck, some tie holders, Dr. pepper, gift cards, some tools, and a cardinals golf towel.
As the day went on, I found myself thinking of "what could have been". We should have had a 16 month old with us, but we didn't. I'm thankful for our Saviors birth this season, so that one day we can all be together again! We had a wonderful Christmas, and really look forward to next year when we will have a little one to join in the fun!

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Mindee & Austin said...

Looks and sounds like you guys had a great and fun christmas! Meg can I just say, you look great with blonde and brown hair, few can pass that off! Its cute! Next year will be an absolute blast having 7 month old to celebrate Christmas with : ) Thats how it was with Zoee, its so exciting! I know you must be missing Carter so so much, and my heart is sad that he isnt here with you guys...having the gospel in our lives is so amazing, knowing that youll be with him again one day! Love ya girl!