Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Recap of the Year 2011

2011 has been a great year for us, full of ups and downs. We have learned a lot this past year, and have risen above and conquered.  Here are some high lights of our year.

Mike and I headed to Vegas in February with our friends, the Walkers. We had a great time being on a mini vacation, and the weather was so wonderful!
March brought living with Megan's parents for 1 year! Aren't they so lucky!!!
 April brought us a new niece! Clare Sophia Stockhoff!!
June brought sadness when we lost Grandpa Jorgensen, Mike was pretty broken up about his loss.
July brought Megan's 23rd birthday, celebrated with Coco Bean Red Velvet cup cakes and a good family BBQ filled with all her favorite foods!
It was a big month in July because we also welcomed home Megan's little brother, Jordan, home from his mission to Chile. As well as the arrival of Brynnlee Nicole Walker, Megan's best friend Amy and her hubby Mitch welcomed Brynnlee into their family!
in August Mike and I celebrated Carter's 1st birthday, as well as his one year Angel day! We celebrated with sending balloons off into the heavens! It was a great day, and then a hard day to follow a couple days later. 
 In September, Mike Celebrated 24 years of life! His birthday was filled with golfing, and a family BBQ to end the night!
We also received big news on Mikes birthday, the news that we were expecting! We were going to try at this family thing again, We would be due in May!!!
 December brought the news that we were expecting a boy, it also brought holiday work parties, family parties, friends parties. It brought Christmas and our 3 year anniversary!!!! 

We have been truly blessed in 2011, and are so thrilled to look forward to new adventures in 2012!
There are so many new and exciting things planned for 2012 and we can't wait to get started!
Happy New Years!!!!

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