Sunday, December 18, 2011


December has been a busy and event filled month. Here is a recap of what has happened. 
We stated out by having my Christmas party on the first at Stockmans Restaurant, then on the 3rd I went to SLC with my M-I-L Colette for Dr. McCords shop hop and spent way more money than I should have! haha Then we celebrated our 3rd anniversary on the 6th!!! We didn't do anything on the actual day but we did celebrate that weekend by heading back down to SLC for Mike's Christmas Party. It was a black tie event, full of food and dancing. Mike and I felt like we were in a club...but with my pregnant swollen feet and the baby bouncing around in my stomach due to how loud the music was we left early. It was a lot of fun though, and we greatly appreciate Mens Wearhouse for all the time and money spent on the event.

Mike with his Idol.

Mike and some of the head guys at Mens Wearhouse.
The Founder of M.W. H
 After the party Mike and I headed back to our hotel. The baby was still at it's own dance party however, so we got to really feel the movements and Mike was even able to feel the movement. 

The next day Mike headed back to Idaho Falls for work and my family picked me up to head to family Christmas parties. We went to the Jex party and then on the the Maxfield party. After wards my family headed back to SLC to see the temple lights. I love the temple lights in temple square!!

 The next day was Sunday, so we went to The Sounds of Sunday in the conference center. It was wonderful! The Tabernacle Choir is amazing and I loved hearing them sing Christmas Carols.

 then December lead us to working our tails off, gathering gifts, eating lots of Christmas goodies, and enjoying the remainder of our holiday season! This week brings lots of exciting events; namely finding out the gender and celebrating the Birth of our Savor!!! I look forward to this week was much Joy, excitement, and gratitude. I hope you all have a Very Merry Christmas!!! 

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