Sunday, December 18, 2011

Auntie Megs Play Day!

I got to spend parts of my day last Tuesday with these two cute boys! It was such a blast. Stacie got into town and we were able to go to lunch at Costa Vita. It was so fun to see her, and to hold this little boy! He is cute, and tiny! He also is a good fake outer with his almost cries, and he is a squirm-er...but I love him!!!
Logan Couch at 1.5 months old
 Then later that night the our star valley friends came to visit and we got to play with Kaysen!
This little boy started out with a rough start but now he is so fun! He was laughing, and talking, and rolling all over!!! We are so happy that this little boy decided that being happy is much better then being sad! And we are so happy that his mom and dad decided to come over and stay with us, even just for one night!!!! We loved seeing and spending time with all three of them!
Kaysen Tippettes at 6 months old

I love these two boys, and hope that one day they will either be great friends with our little one, OR date her if it's a girl!!!!! Thanks for sharing your boys with me Stac and Lex!!!!

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