Thursday, December 15, 2011

A bump date!

20 weeks
Well I am really late on this post, since the last time I gave a bump date I was 17 weeks and tomorrow i'll be 20 weeks. Oh well, life is busy and boring all at the same time.

Here is what has been happening with the little recently.
-we have lost of movement. however we have for a while, I just thought it was stomach gas or whatever going on because the movement is really low. It's been so fun to feel all the kicks and hits.
in fact this baby likes to be active(although only when it feels like it) that Mike has even felt a slight movement. It likes to curl up in a ball and have it's bum push on me, which is uncomfortable for me due to where it has decided to grow. But I love it all the same.
-My sickness has pretty much gone away, thank goodness!
-I can not handle marinara sauce, mint, and gum still. They give me major heartburn and a stomach ache.
-I have to go to the bathroom ALL. THE. TIME! like way more this time than with Carter.
- My static nerve has been a major pain in my bum, literally!!!!
-My back, feet, and legs always hurt. And my hip have started to throb. I believe this is all due to my job and being on my feet all day.
-And the most exciting news of all......We find out what this little babies gender is going to be in 6 days!
1/2 still say girl, and the other 1/2 say boy. We will just have to wait and see! We find out the 21st, but will not be spreading the new until Christmas Eve! :) Merry Christmas Ya'll!!!

Well that is it for now. Life is good and we look forward to the upcoming Christmas events!
I love this time of year!!! Merry Christmas!


Mindee & Austin said...

You posted!!Finally!! haha, Im so glad things are going great with your little one. I cant wait to hear what your having! What a great idea not telling till christmas eve : ) I was 20 weeks at Christmas time with Zo, maybe theyll share a birthday! Sorry about the things that arent so fun, hope the last stretch goes great for you!

thecuteone said...

I'm real sorry about the static nerve pain, I totally understand how painful it can be. I found walking and sitting so painful and can only imagine who uncomfortable you must be. My aunt who is a physical therapist recommended a SI-Lock belt for me and it did wonders. It wraps around your hips tightly, thus pushing them back in to relieve some pressure off the nerve. It was a great investment for me. If your interested I know a place online where you can get one, just let me know. So excited for you and Mike! Can't wait to hear what you are having!