Friday, November 25, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

Thanksgiving for 2011 was such a wonderful day, we got to sleep in a little and then my mom and I started on the remaining items for our feast! This year I made these rolls, along with a pretzel jello salad. Both tasted delish, but next time on the rolls I will know what to do differently.
We lounged around watching movies and eating appetizers, all while in our pj's! We ate around 2pm and oh man was it so tasty!!! My pregnant belly and I enjoyed ever last bite!

 After dinner we cleaned up and headed to the movies to see, Jack and Jill. Over all the movie was funny, if you like Adam Sandler(which Mike and I do). After the movies it was off to the Jorgensens house for Mike and I, to enjoy some more food including pie! We hung out with the family for a little while and then Mike and I headed to Walmart for a jump start on our Black Friday shopping. After Walmart it was off to bed for a few hours, then Mike was up and off to work by 7am and I was out the door for more shopping with my mom and siblings. One of my must stops was to Jo-Ann's, and I scored BIG time! They had there snuggle fleece for baby blankets on sale for $1.49/yard! They are regularly $6.99/yard, that is a big score!

All of my fabric, including some not shown came to a total of $44! That is less than $3 a blanket!!!! I was so excited, and it was totally worth my 3.5 hours of waiting in the line to have my fabric cut!
I am now just 2 gifts away from being completely done with Christmas shopping, thank you to Amazon!

So over all, our Thanksgiving and our day after were both great days!!!

In other news: I am now 17 weeks pregnant, we are 4 weeks from knowing what this babies gender is! half say girl, half say boy. I say I have NO idea this time round, but most likely it's a boy since we keep calling 'it' a 'HE' haha. Either way we LOVE 'it'! We had our monthly appointment last Wednesday and we were able to hear the babies heartbeat, it was still fast, but not as fast as last month. This time we were in the high 150's. There is still no movement felt, but they said it should be coming any time now. I also am proud to say that I have only gained 4 3/4 lbs this entire pregnancy! woop woop! I thought I would be in trouble this time because I've felt so much better and have had more of an appetite, so I was THRILLED when she announced that it was only a 3/4 weight gain.


Stacie Couch said...

Score on the fabric! I am jealous that you have almost all your shopping done for Christmas. SO excited for you to find out whether the next baby Jorgensen is a boy or girl!!

Mindee & Austin said...

Im glad you had such a great Thanksgiving!! You scored big time at Joannes, I love the fabric you got! I went to roberts and got 10+ pages of cute printed paper and some other craft things for $10!
Yay im happy things are going great with you and baby, I think its going to be a girl : ) But any baby of yours is going to be beautiful! Im soo excited to hear what youre having..update soon, I love reading your posts!