Friday, November 4, 2011

It's A Bumpdate:

13 weeks
Week 14! Today I hit my official 1st day of glorious second trimester!!! Let's hope this sickness goes away, and stays away. Actually I am starting to feel better, even with out my pills(I'm done to 1/2 a pill at night only now!). It's mainly at night that I have a harder time, however being active helps. This pregnancy is so different than my first; my hips hurt, feet/legs throb, I have reflux slightly, I've thrown up 1000 X more, I have heartburn bad, I'm way bigger this time round, I'm moody, I feel as if I can say anything and receive no consequences(did anyone else have this issue???), I'm paranoid, I'm calm and relaxed about having a miscarriage-NOTHING can be worse than last time, and the worst symptom off all kissing repulses me! seriously it makes me want to vomit! haha poor Mike!!!

Actually that list makes it all sound bad, but it's really not been. It's just been a completely different pregnancy. Some say that means it's a girl, I say we will see. Next month in fact! The middle to end of December will be my 20 week appointment and we are scheduled for an ultrasound!

I'm not really craving much yet however certain things do sound better than others, some are because I have been told I'm not allowed to eat them due to my pregnancy.
things like:
-breads and starches
-lunch meat (this is the one I'm not allowed therefore I crave it more)
-ice water
-ranch dressing with carrots or celery

some things I don't care for are:
-marinara sauce (it gives me heartburn)
-mint anything
-chicken in bigger chunks than just a bite
Well that's it for now, nothing else to update but there will be soon I'm sure!

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Mindee & Austin said...

Meg you are so cute!! Love your bump! I hear for a lot of women things like that happen seoncd time around, especially getting bigger faster. And you are definitley not the only one who feels like they can get away with saying anything, I remember feeling that way at times! haha. I cant wait for more so happy your going to be posting more, cause I love reading them!