Saturday, October 29, 2011

A New Addition

It's been a while, however nothing much has gone on in our lives. That is until it was finally time to announce our new little 'project'! That's right, we are PREGNANT!!!! Our new little addition is due May 7, 2012!
little pea sized baby
Mike and I couldn't be more thrilled with a side of nervous with what it to come. We look forward to this little baby being in our lives. We know and except that what ever happens, happens and we know that we will get through this because we have already gone through it. 
Life for me has been nothing but getting up, throwing up, going to work, come home, eat dinner, throw up, and go to bed for the past 13 weeks. I am starting to feel a ton better but partially thanks to the nausea meds Dr. O prescribed for me! I am at 13 weeks and 1 day and getting bigger by the minute. I've only gained 4 3/4 lbs but I am already not fitting into my regular may be a long 9 months!

6 weeks
We found out we were expecting on September 2; Mikes birthday. Great present! I had been telling Mike for about 1 week or so that I thought I was pregnant but he didn't believe me. Actually, Mike did not believe me even after taking TWO pregnancy test! haha silly boy!
10 weeks
10 weeks
We had a slight scare at about week 10. I was at work one day when I noticed a slight leak was coming from 'down there'. I called Mike who told me to call Dr. O, I did but Dr. O was out of town for the week so his office sent me to their on call person. Margette Leveritt, she was super wonderful to me and so kind. We did a test to check if it was amniotic fluid, thankfully it turned up negative. She however had me go do an ultrasound to make sure. We went to the Imaging Center later that afternoon and had an ultrasound done.
I sure do love those things, they bring such relief to any soon-to-be momma I believe. The baby looked good, the heart was beating fast and strong and 'it' looked to be growing on schedule! what relief! That night however Margette called me to inform me of what the Dr. reading the ultrasound had found, there was a 2cm tare behind my placenta; she then gave me a list of things I needed to avoid, the hardest one being not lifting anything over my purse weights over that I'm sure! I was a good girl though and did as I was told.  We then went back to Dr. O's office that next week to talk with him about it, he said that these things are actually fairly common, he said to be careful but not to stress.
12 weeks
We went to our regular appointment two weeks later, which was just this past Wednesday and all restrictions were lifted. He said things look good and he is happy for where we are heading. We also got to listen to babies heart beat again; it was again strong and fast! Super good news! We go back in 1 month for another appointment and then the next one after that we will most likely get to know what this babies gender is! Many people have said they think it's a girl; neither Mike and I really think either way yet but we honestly don't really care. We will be happy with whatever it is, as long as it is healthy!


Cami said...

Yay! Isn't Margaret the greatest? I've gone to her for 15 years and I love her so much, haha! Glad to hear everything is ok after your scare though!
We're so happy for you guys! May 7th is my dad's birthday!

Stacie Couch said...

This post makes me so happy! I am so glad your appointment went well and baby looks healthy! Those restrictions sound like zero fun. Keep me updated on how things are going for you! Thinking of the newest baby Jorgensen puts a smile on my face every time! Love you!

Logan & Allie said...

We are so happy and excited for you guys!! Congrats! Congrats! Congrats! Keep the updates coming :)

the Youngs said...

Congrats Mike and Megan! What great news! Wishing you guys the very best!!

Mindee & Austin said...

Meg and Mike I am jumping for joy for you guys!! Seriously, I think I started jumping up and down When I heard the news! Yeee! Im just putting my guess in there and saying its a girl : ) Zoees HB was super fast! Ill be thinkin of you! Keep us updated, its so very fun to read about how your doing. Im glad baby looks healthy and good!

Tricia said...

Super excited for you guys!

Braiden and Brittany Pickett said...

Congrats! This is wonderful news:)

_kArLy[*] said...

oh my lanta! you are cuuuuute! :] congrats, we're so happy for you guys! :]

Laura Rovig said...

It is a girl! Congrats Megs and Mike!