Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Just Let Me Cry

This was one of my MOST favorite songs after Carter passed. I cherish this whole CD by Hilary Weeks. She is truly and angel in my life. This song means so much to me, and can make me cry every. single. time. I listen to it. I love it, and can always go back to where I was in my life last year when I found this song. It holds a lot of play time in my car, as well as some loud jamming sessions followed by tear sessions. It's great!
Thanks Hilary Weeks for having such a great connecting song!

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Case and Lexi said...

Meg, I love this song and its been one of those nights and seriously I just bawled through the whole thing! thanks for sharing! I think about you all the time, I hope you are doing well! I can't imagine how painful it still must be! We love you guys and need to come see you!