Saturday, September 3, 2011

Mike's Birthday!

M&M Factory, Vegas Feb 2011
(Blogger is BUGGIN today! It refuses to upload this picture the correct way. GRR! so sorry about the tilt.)

Yesterday Sep 2, 11 was Mike's 24th birthday! Here is a recap of his day:
5:45am-wake up to go golfing
9:00am-SueAnn and Megan make him crepes for breakfast
2:00pm-Mike and Megan go take their vehicles in for a oil change and a wash
4:00pm-go do a little shopping, nothing fun was bought though.
7:00pm-dinner with our parents, both his grandma's, Whitney, and the Walkers at Buffalo Wild Wings
9:00pm-try to get him to eat the cake that was made for him, he refuses.
hang out with family and friends.
11:30pm-go to bed.

so it wasn't all exciting and magic filled like he had hoped it would be, but he still had fun!
His gifts that he got this year include; St. Louis sunglasses, personalized thank you cards, money, a potato gun, chips, Dr. pepper, golfing, and the 1st session of The Big Bang Theory.
Happy Birthday Michael!
I love you!

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Braiden and Brittany Pickett said...

We love Big Bang Theory so I hope you both enjoyed his birthday present!