Saturday, April 30, 2011

Megan's Great Moving Adventure-part one

Well I'm home, actually I've been home for a week as of today. My 'spring break' was good, full of memories and lots of driving. Here is my tail of the adventure.

My parents took me down to SLC on Monday night, we got there late-11:00pm, and I had to be at the air port by 5:30am. I quickly showered and got ready for bed, only to find that the beds we stayed on were horrible! with a capital H. Every time anyone moved in the slightest you heard it, and they were as hard as rocks. Anyways enough about that. I woke up early! like 4:45am! that's before air as Grandma Jorgensen would say! Mom took me to the airport, I got all checked in and ready for my flight.

Now here is a side note, but a very needed detail to my tail.

I was taken off my anxiety pills the Wednesday before, I hadn't had any issues and thought life would be great. Well Monday as I was loading my stuff into the car a panic attack hit...

oh no right! right! let the fun begin!!!

(back to the adventure)

I left the SLC airport at 7:10am, found my seat

(located next to the man who had SO kindly just smoked before getting on),

got settled in, and FORCED myself to sleep-

the panic attacks/shakiness/dizziness had begun.

I arrived in Phoenix AZ, waited for my next plane, grab breakfast to munch on, prayed I would calm down, then loaded onto my second plan where I found myself seated next to a very friendly black gentleman. He was very kind to me, when the 3rd person sitting on our row 'no showed' he moved over so we each could have our space.

This ride was the longest and only lasted about 2 hours and 45 mins.

I did good on this ride, just played on my touch and listened to music blare in my ears.

I arrived in St. Louis, MO where I fast walked it ALL THE WAY ACROSS the airport, had to RE check in/go through security then found my gate. I learned at this point(after going through the 2nd security) that there were no restaurants available near me...just Starbucks. I was hungry and knew I would need to eat for this last plan ride. I had been Warned by my mother-in-law who had just taken this plane twice only 2 days before me. I ate all my snacks I had thought to bring(thank goodness) and grab a smoothie at the Starbucks(grosss!). The anxiety was KILLING me at this point. grrr you stupid anxiety. I could concentrate, I was shaking and dizzy-I tried to rest but it did nothing.

Now for the fun part, I thought as I saw my last plane pull up.

A little 8 passenger cigar plane if you will....OH BOY!

I'll skip you the glory details but needless to say, that smoothie tasted nasty the second time, third, and fourth! yup, you read that right...I lost my cookies 4 times on that blasted ride. It was HORRIBLE and I will NEVER do it again! Because of their size they have to fly through everything, we were dropping like we were on a twisting roller coaster.

I made it to Fort Leonard wood about 4:40pm there time. I ran to the bathroom to try and pull myself together before I met my sister-in-law and her little family(yes I put a piece of gum in!). Then the moment came...I got to meet Clare and see Noah! I really enjoyed them both!

After that we went to this good BBQ place where we were Welcomed by a tornado warning, ate some good food, and went back to their home(which was basically empty), I got to play with Noah, cuddle Clare, oh and learned that my phone had gone to phone heaven-kinda.

Here are some pics of us and Clare while they were in Idaho Falls.

(that part of the story and more to come.) She's stunning right? I agree. I love how tiny and small she is!


Stacie Couch said...

Oh no Megan! I was cringing at all the horrible details, that sounded not fun at all! So glad you made it safe and had fun with Melissa's family! Love you!

Mindee & Austin said...

Holy cow woman! you had one crazy trip! Im sorry you lost your cookies on the airplane, that sounds awful! Happy you made it back safe, and had a good time! Next time they should come to you guys : ) ha.