Monday, April 18, 2011

what nots...

here is a random post of all things what not; enjoy.

looking back a year ago: it donned on me today that a year ago this month Mike and I found out we were 'with child'. It's amazing to think back to such a wonderful and happy time in our lives.

Little did we know what would happen later in 2010, and it's a very good thing we didn't.

So many things good and bad have happen in that year. I have learned so much, Mike has learned so much, and WE have learned a lot....and I mean A LOT!!!! It's been an adjustment the past 8 months of out lives, and an even bigger adjustment the past 4-5 months while finding out all the wonderfully exciting news of so many pregnancies of special people in our lives, there have been MANY and although at times it's been rough, we both couldn't be more truly truly ecstatic for those great people. We look forward to sharing in their new adventures and loving on there precious little ones. There is nothing better to us right now at this point in time then being an aunt and uncle, and we do it well I will brag!

Uncle Kyle:

If you remember back also about a year ago Mike's uncle Kyle was diagnosed with a major brain tumor, thankfully he has been cancer free for a year...until a few weeks ago when he went in for a routine MRI and another tumor was located; this time in a different part of the brain. We have been praying that it is operable, and our prayers have been answered we got news today that Kyle will be having surgery on April 27th. We will continue to pray for him and welcome any of you who would like to join in to do so as well.

and lastly: I will be MIA for the next week, I will be flying out to MO to help Andy and Melissa drive their cars here so they can move to Washington. I can't wait to love on Noah and Clare!!

till then....


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