Saturday, May 7, 2011

Megan's Great Moving Adventure-part 2

Wednesday morning we got up, cleaned the house, packed up the car, went to Clare's check up appointment, went to Melissa's appointment and then hit the road. We stopped at a gas station to fill up a little ways out, to eat lunch and fill up....Meliss was feeding Clare and afterwards we went to get going again when all of a sudden the car wouldn't start. Like totally 100% dead! So a nice guy at the station came over and helped us jump start it. We got it started and then we headed to the town where Andy and Melissa bought the car to have it checked out, turns out we had just drained the battery while at the gas station. So after we got that taken care of we hit the road again. We traveled about 4 hours on Wednesday and stopped at a family friends of the Stockhoff's for the night. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday we traveled till our tooshies were sore. Saturday late afternoon we pulled into Idaho Falls. The little ones did great, as long as we stopped every few hours to feed the baby and let Noah run around. My part of the move was done on Saturday.

Sunday was Easter, and we had a good day. Church was ROUGH for me. That might even be an understatement. After church on Sunday My family and Andy, Melissa, and Whitney went out to Carters grave site. It was beautiful to be there. I felt such peace while standing looking at the beautiful headstone that we had made last fall. It was such a great reminder of the atonement and truly what Easter means and is all about. To us, Easter means so much more then candy and eggs and beautiful dresses and ties.

To us Easter means,
:knowing what the Savior did for us long ago on the cross
:it's understanding the atonement fully
:it's being thankful for the knowledge of eternal families
:it's coming closer to the Savior
:it's knowing that we will see our son one day, and that we will raise him.

We are grateful for all we have and love all our family members!!
Thanks for all you guys do for us!!

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