Sunday, June 27, 2010

{Rachelle and Jason Stark}

Last Saturday June 26th was my cousin Rachelle's big day, her wedding day that is!
Rachelle and I have basically grown up together...
we even were on the same
dance team for a few years before I moved away. Saturday was a special day for
her and her new hubby and we would not have missed it for the world!

The original plan{or what I thought in my head} was that we would go down to PG Utah
on Friday...turns out Mike and my dad both had to work all day, so we all got up BRIGHT AND EARLY Saturday morning and drove the 4.5 hours to be at the wedding which started at noon.
We did make it, even with 20 minutes to spar! We attended the ceremony, which was held in
the beautiful gardens of Wadly Farms in Lindon. My camera was dead so I wasn't able to get any pics of the pretty wedding, she did bright pink, yellow, lime green, and orange-
which we all know i enjoy!

after the YUMMY luncheon my family and I went over to my Aunt Janet's, whom we all adore and relaxed and took naps at her house, then a quick trip to Khole to look/purchase at all the adorable baby attire and then off to the reception we went and again we ate delish refreshments including fruit kabob's-and don't worry that I ate 5 by my self. Then 5/6 of us jumped back in the car and started the journey home, which on the way we saw Mike's friend Ben Lockie on the freeway which was pretty cool. We arrived home about 12:00am and went straight to bed-that is way past my bed time! It was so great to see everyone and catch up with some cousin's that I have not seen for a while. It was such a great day and I am so Happy for Rachelle and Jason!!! Congrats guys! Love you!

in other news,
* I am starting to out grow my scrubs
*My hands and feet have started swelling in the heat
*I crave fruit and water non stop
*I'm super tired, but getting more energy day by day
*I'm 23, almost 24 weeks along
*Clothing will fit one day and not a week later!!!
* I look pregnant but some people that don't know yet think I have just let my self go since getting married and have gained a bunch of weight! blah!

and: we leave for Stadium of fire this Friday AND St. Louis this Sunday!!!
Stockhoff family here we come! ready or not.


Stacie Couch said...

Well, I can tell you are pregnant, I see you enough to know you haven't competely let yourself go haha. So many fun trips! I love summertime! Please remember your camera batteries in the future haha. Love you! Have SO much fun in St. Louis...when you get back, it's BIRTHDAY TIME!!

Mindee & Austin said...

Sounds like a fun weekend!! And you so dont look like youve let yourself go, in any way! haha, I read that youre going to stadium of fire! So am I! Maybe well see eachother? Ive never been so im totally pumped : ) I would love to see you and your cute belly, here is my # in case we can meet up! 8013608202. Have a fun weekend!