Thursday, June 10, 2010

the latest:

So BIG news everyone!
Last night while I was watching TV the baby kicked me! like a full out kick to the stomach!!! he did it four times through out the night. It was the most amazing feeling in the whole wide world!!!! I'm so excited but a little sad because Mike hasn't been able to feel him...I'm sure he will soon though because this little guy is starting to become very active!
I think sometimes he is training to become a tumbler and athlete!! haha

In other news,
this was a conversation that Mike and I had just earlier this morning while cleaning.

him-so what is next?
me-I am going to clean the bathroom
him-what? why? you just cleaned it last Saturday
me-yes i know, i clean it ever week
him-but why? it's not even dirty{as he is pointing around}
me-it may not look gross, but there is sick stuff all over in bathrooms
him-hum....and he walks away
me thinking in my head- was he saying it wasn't dirty because he thought that
i was going to make him clean it or was he being serious?
also thinking, that is gross i wonder how often they cleaned the bathroom on the mission...eeew!

it was the weirdest thing....good thing the bathroom isn't left for him to clean right! silly boy, good thing i love you!


Stacie Couch said...

Haha I will always remember my brother offering to pay me to clean his bathroom at his apartment a few years ago. It was his assignment for clean checks at the end of the semester. He said it hadn't been cleaned for 12 weeks and I was digusted!! I said no by the way haha, I value my life too much. 6 boys...1 bathroom...eww. I told Rob that when I am pregnant he will have to clean because you aren't supposed to use cleaning products when you are prego haha. He is thrilled...not.

Stefanie said...

So excited for you! If you plan on getting maternity pics done let me know and I will make you a flower clip to match your outfit if you are interested.

Cinderella Sews said...

Very cool about the baby...feeling them move is very exciting! Sure miss you guys! And funny story about mike too...haha

Darci said...

I love feeling the baby move. Miss Mona doesn't stop moving. Really she doesn't. She makes me nauseous because she moves so much! But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way.

The Homemaker said...

Yay thats so exciting! Just wait a few weeks til you can actually see him. I lay in bed every night before I fall asleep and pull up my shirt and just watch my belly. It looks like she's trying to escape, it just jiggles from side to side as they move around. It's so fun! I'm so excited for you!