Friday, June 4, 2010

{Little Guy update}

Things are moving along at the Jorgensen house and thankfully the sickness is starting to dwindle, not gone but doesn't happen until about 8:00ish in the evening. And the energy level is starting to come back. Little guy is starting to grow and has become active, i'm finally able to feel him move, I think. It feels like stomach spasms and only has happened twice. We got our second ultrasound last Friday-at 17 weeks-and it was 99% sure that this little guy is really a boy! It was also made known that this little guy is an active one. He moved the whole time, not even holding still long enough so that Dr. O could measure his legs. He also went it a whole circle just while we where doing the ultrasound. And we learned that this little one does not like to be poked or paraded at. I love that he is moving and healthy and happy, I just hope that this doesn't mean that when he comes to us he will be this active and want to always move and be active, or this momma is going to be one tired lady! I hope to be able to feel him kick, and have Mike feel him sometime soon!! come on little guy, help a momma out here!

He also was sucking his thumb the whole time. So cute!

as of this week I am 18 weeks and the belly is starting to grow and look more like a baby and not just a large tub of fat.
I haven't really craved anything weird, or really anything at all.

Things that I have enjoyed a lot:
-Oreo shakes
-baked or mashed potatoes

-veggies and fruit
-french fries

Things I do not enjoy:
-spicy foods
-pop and some lemonades

Hopefully with-in the next little while I will regain more energy and the sickness will go
totally way! And as always, we hope this little guy continues to grow and become a healthy and happy baby!


Stacie Couch said...

He is already wrapping me around his finger haha I love that he is sucking his thumb in the ultrasound! An oreo shake does sound yummy right now :) Keep us updated! Love you!

Greg and Brittany said...

So excited for you two!! You are such a cute pregnant lady :) Glad to hear that all is going well!

jeff said...
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Darci said...

So fun! Ultrasounds really are the best. He looks adorable in his!