Monday, June 14, 2010


I have a few confessions to make:

1-While cooking, I pretend I'm Mrs. Paula dean and act in my head
{or out loud if no one is around} what steps there are, etc.
2-I sometimes only think about crafts and sewing and babies while working on patients at work...eeek, good thing I know my job!
3-I secretly talk to myself, again out loud or in my head.
4-Sometimes I lie about eating sweets during the day so that I feel
less guilty about eating another at night.
5-Sometimes when we are sleeping Mike will elbow me...
and I may or may not do it back.
6- I plan all sorts of parties in my head, but never carry out with any of them.
I would if I had money though.
7-I have issues with not matching or color coordinating...
no black and brown together for me!
8-I stalk people's lives through blogs that I know and don't know....
and feel like I'm bff's with them.
9- I have list's for EVERYTHING
10-I have computer files for everything and anything and save tons of stuff...
thank you extra hard drive!

and yes I know I'm pathetic. but that's me. and I'm OK with that.


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

Well we all are guilty of lying about sweets. haha The elbow one is pretty funny too!

Stacie Couch said...

Um first, I love that we are friends because we are so similar!
1. I do that too, and I get mad at myself if I do it wrong.
3. When I am in a crying mood, I wait until no one is around and I talk out loud about what is bothering me and cry....pathetic.
4. every every every day!
7. Do I even have to answer this one? Matching is my life!
8. I have about 50 BFF's. They just don't know it yet.
9. I am glad you give me a to-do magnet list every year for my birthday so I can make my lists too!!
I LOVE YOU!! We are scary alike...

Kristen said...

I love these posts, cuz I get to know you more and more. Some of those things sound familiar to me too!!! (Secretly) He he he. Have a great day!

Stefanie said...

You are too cute! Your confessions aren't all that bad. I have heard of much weirder :) I can't wait to hear confessions once the baby is here I am sure those will be really interesting.

Greg and Brittany said...

Love the confessions!!