Sunday, October 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home

This is our little rental house. we LOVE it! it's a two bed, i bath, 2 car garage house located close to Mike's parents house. We moved in right after we got back from Hawaii, and have enjoyed being in our own place again. We where so grateful to Gma and Gpa Jorgensen for letting us crash at there home for 6 months but there's nothing like being on your own again!!
Here is a tour of our home sweet home:

the dinning area.

the kitchen.
the entery way.
the living room.
more living room.
the bedroom.
the bathroom.


Greg and Brittany said...

What a cute little home!!

David and McKenzie said...

I am so jealous!!!!!! This is ADORABLE!!

Ryanne and Braden said...

HEY!!! Super cute entertainment center!!