Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween has Hit our Home.

I LOVE decorating for Fall and Christmas, it's absolutely for favorite time of the year and thee most fun to decorate for! Here are a few Halloween decorations that I've collected/made this year. I have to remember, only a few things every holiday....budgets! grr! haha but I love what I've got this year....Tie Pan I adore you!!! I wish we had one closer...although I don't think that Mike does! haha

Happy Spooking this season!


Greg and Brittany said...

Love all of your decorations! I get wait to get started on mine!!

Logan & Allie said...

I love your decorations! I need to get some!

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

You need to share your decorations with me. Maybe one day you will see your little witch outside your house missing. Don't come looking for it in my closet!