Sunday, October 25, 2009

50 Year Old Barbie & Witch's Night Out

For HALLOWEEN this year my mom was 50 Year Old Birthday Barbie
[because she had that big birthday this year]
Her and my dad had a Halloween party to attend, so we got to dress her up. she was so stinking cute, i loved it. it was super fun to help her get ready! haha my dad was a anesthesiologist[how ever in the world you spell that] because he was on call and had to stay in his work clothing. they had lots of fun, with plenty of memories to last a life time seeing all of there crazy friends and there hubby's all dressed up. what a fun treat! Here's to you Barbie. love you!

It also this past week was the annual Witch's Night Out in my moms ward. This year we went to New Hong Kong. It was a ton of fun and boy can some of those ladies dress up. It's such a fun tradition!!! after wards me, mom, and 5 or so of her friends went to Walmart, only because some of them needed some things, we where still in our witches gear, and boy did we ever get some funny looks and some rude comments made about us. it was still pretty fun to see the little kids reaction though! oh good old walmart, it's always a good time.

[ps: i wish i had better pictures, these are from my phone and the others are on my moms camera.]

Hope your weekend was great!

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