Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Parrot Story

Ok let the story begin:
while we where in Hawaii, on night after dinner at a staff dinner at Dukes we were walking back to the hotel there where these parrot's on the side walk. Well i hurried and got my camera out to take a picture of them, when all of a sudden this sketchy lookin guy walks up and grabs the bird and starts talking about how we can take pictures with the birds. i quickly told him that i was NOT going to pay for any pictures when he tells me that the pictures are all donations and not to worry about them. So ok lets take pictures...oh about 10 mins later, a few slaps on our heads[by another man who was working with the bird man], a lot of weird looks, some great laughs[by us and all my co-workers], and mike ear being bite by the bird who was sitting on my head- we where done taking pictures. as i was watching the man with my camera very well, so that he didn't run off with it, the other man grabs mikes arm and starts talking to him about what they do with the money[helping the poor don't you know, haha even though he only had about 10 teeth total in his head.(you are suppose to have 32, with wisdom teeth as an adult)] he begins to tell mike that he likes a $20.00 donation but whatever we can do would be great. Well i know that i should have been a little nicer but i had already told them i wasn't paying ANY money for these pictures so i looked at him with pure disgust on my face and told him that i have $2.00 he could have. haha his face was so mad, i thought it was funny and we proceeds to tell mike in a grumpy tone, "whatever just give it to him" as he points to the first man.
haha seriously! i think that this night was so funny...people and there ways to scam! sheesh! but we got some fun pics out of it.


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

That's a pretty great to love the Locals! (and nice factoid about the teeth Megs) haha. The pictures were totally worth it eh?

The Empey Fam! said...

haha Hilarious! I am so jealous looking and reading about your trip! How fun!