Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Baby Boy #3

Back in September we where THRILLED to find out that we were expecting yet again! We had been praying and praying for months to know if it was in our plan to bring another biological child into our family, or if adoption was the path we were to head down. We had gotten our confirmation that we were supposed to have another baby, but nothing was happening. September would have been month 6 of us trying, which was shocking for us, since with both other boys we had conceived rather easily. So when the pregnancy test turned positive on Mikes birthday, we were even more shocked!

This would put the baby due in May, which would make T already 3! God's timing is truly there for a reason, and for reasons that we had never even considered. Our excitement was even greater! The baby grew quickly and it wasn't long before I was showing.

At week 6 I had to start seeing the baby doctor specialist, and found it fascinating to once a month sit in an hour long ultrasound, just watching this miracle grow inside of me!! At week 12 we made the big announcement! We were thrilled with response we were getting from friends and family!

We found out at week 14 the gender of the baby, thanks to some genetic testing that was recommended to us. With a 90% success rate it was a BOY!! We were going to get to welcome another baby boy into our family. We also were able to find out that the testing we had done came back with great news. There were 10-12 tests that they look at to determine if something is abnormal, and ours all came back clear. So we know that the areas tested will not be an issue. This does not put us out of the clear with EVERYTHING, or even most of the abnormalities T has. Those things we will have to just wait and watch for after baby is born.

So far this pregnancy has gone smoothly, THANKFULLY! I haven't had to see the specialist since week 20, and don't have to go back till week 32. Which is such a great thing, not only because it means that things are going well, but especially since their ultrasounds are $500/visit!!! OUCH!
I did have to have one NST(non-stress-test) at week 24 due to slow fetal movement, but like my boys tend to do, he passed with flying colors! And is now trying to show us up and is moving like CRAZY, which we all love! Mike was able to feel him kick this past week. I always love that stage!

I am 26 weeks currently, and can't wait to meet this little boy....but not for SEVERAL more weeks! May 13th, here we come!


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Stacie Couch said...

I'm so glad you are blogging again! I love that adorable baby bump of yours! I'm so grateful that this baby boy is growing and looking healthy. Love you!