Tuesday, October 8, 2013


         The last crop from the garden

                 Seasons changing

     While at my grandmas funeral he 
 wouldn't fall asleep unless his arm was 
             wrapped around mine. 

                        Jordan jr.

                 Sunday nap time.

                   Back to stiching

         Winter calls for cute slippers.

          Ready for football Saturday.

          Loved general conference.

          Getting ready for Halloween.

                     Burrito baby!

               Chilly fall is upon us, 
      and I adore looking back at him!!

  While the boys were at the priesthood 
              session, the girls craft!!

    Watching conference with the babe.

Cousins while at Grandma O's traditional lunch during the sessions of conference.

     Sleepy Trenton during game night.

              Ready for Halloween!!

                Sleepy sleepy boy!

         Eating dinner like a big boy!

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Lacey Johnson said...

These are all so cute Meg! Glad you guys are having so much fun!