Friday, September 13, 2013

Surgery; round one.

Trenton had his G-tube surgery scheduled for August 27th at Primary Children's . It was scheduled for pretty early, but Mike worked late the night before so we had to leave early early in the morning. Like 5am early!

We got to our appointment and got settled in, in the pre op holding area. Trenton was in such happy spirits that morning.

The surgery was only about an hour long, and it went great! The let me come back to recovery to be with him while he woke up. It was so nice to see all of his little face!! 

Tuesday night we had a pretty tough night. Between the nurses coming in about every hour, and us having a hard time staying ahead of Trenton's pain. We didn't get to much sleep. 

We did finally manage to get ahead of pain and things got much better! 

We were able to go home Wednesday afternoon, thankfully! The ride home was peaceful, and Trenton was able to sleep most of the way home. 

We are a little over two weeks post surgery and things are going well. We have had a few issues, but nothing much and nothing really because of his tube...(thank you teething!!!)

We go back in a few weeks for a check up and then at the end of October to have the "extender" taken off of the tube, and a button placed. This will make things an even easier on him, and on us. And will also make his look even more like a "normal" 17 month old! 

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