Sunday, September 8, 2013


                      Smiley boy

    Just chatting with Jake and Mickey!

                 Our new bike trailer!

                   Bedtime stories. 

         Double therapy wore him out!

      Moms view on our nightly walks. 

          Happy 3rd angel day baby!!!

Riding in the bike trailer to see Grandpa.

   All decorated for back to school time.

    Emergency preparedness waterproof   match kits.

             Pickles and green beans 

 Pretending he's in Disney Land with our Stockhoff cousins!

        Movie night with aunt Whitney

 He was yell chatting at me so we had to    go sit in the mothers lounge at church.

            Post 4 hour Sunday nap

      Enjoying the last days of summer

          My Instagram frame I made 

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