Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The hair cut.

Trenton has been in need of a hair cut for some time now. With his big birthday fast approaching and lots of pictures to be captured, we decided it was time! We had asked several people if they would cut it, but everyone seemed very unsure or flat out said no, so on March 30th we headed to great clips.

We were really nervous about how T would do, but also how the stylist would do with T's wiggles and extreme dislike of his head being touched. She did great, and was super fast! 

Don't let those faces fool you, T did awesome as well. There was no screaming or crying, just some funny faces and grunting when his head was touched. 
His cut turned out so good! He looks like such a big boy now!!!

However, he was tuckered out after words.


Kristy said...

I love his big boy hair cut!!!

Kelsey said...

What a cutie! Seriously in love! I think you guys need to move here so Sadee and T can be best buds.