Saturday, April 6, 2013

Easter Weekend

My moms birthday was the Saturday before Easter, 
so our weekend activities were plentiful and full of family fun! 

We started out our Saturday by getting Trenton's hair cut, following we went to lunch for my moms birthday and then she requested that all of us kids come decorate Easter eggs.

Trenton had fun, dyeing eggs-as much fun as a 11 month old can have.

He did however enjoy people watching, as usual. 

Trenton's egg.

All of the eggs.

On Sunday we woke up, and the Easter bunny  had brought us presents.
As usual we all received new church outfits to wear that day.

Trenton also received some chalk, bubbles, a toy 4-wheeler, a puzzle, a book, and some new ties from Aunt Melissa(which really are for his birthday). And no, he won't be able to play with almost anything in his basket, but the Easter bunny really thought our family would enjoy them. ;)

Trying our best to get a family picture in our Easter wear....
Trenton was NOT participating in this effort.

Then after church we went over to the Jex house for a feast! Turkey dinner, yuuummmy!

Trenton received a lot of bubbles for Easter, so after dinner we went out and blew them.
Needless to say, he LOVED them! He kept trying to catch them in his out to eat them.

He would catch them and then laugh and laugh.

We had a great Easter weekend. Even with all of our festivities, it was nice to reflect back on what Easter means, and why we really celebrate it! Our family is very grateful for Easter and the meaning that families CAN be together FOREVER!

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Stacie Couch said...

I LOVE the pictures of T and your mom! So cute! He is looking like such a big boy now! He seems to have better control of his head and body too. I hope your appointment went well.