Friday, December 21, 2012

Primary Children's Medical Center

On Monday December 10th we had our appointment with PCMC. We drove down on Sunday evening because our appointment was scheduled for 10:00am, meaning that we were to be checked in by 9:30.  We drove down to Orem to stay with my grandma Jex. 

We were nervous about how Trenton would do since he hadn't slept well the night before or taken a good nap during the day, which meant that he was a tad bit on the crabby side. Turns out he did great! And he even slept most of the way!

On Monday we got up and out the door bright and early so that we wouldn't hit the morning traffic heading into SLC. We made it in great time, arriving at PCMC by 9:00am. We got all checked in and settled in, in the cute waiting room. 

 They ended up being 30 mins behind, making our wait time 1.5 hours long, That is a long time for anyone, let alone a 7 month old. Thankfully T hung in there pretty well. We finally got called back and met Dr, Morita, our pediatric Neurologist. By this time T was so tired and getting hungry, and was DONE! ha he was not happy, and cried the whole time. Dr. Morita was very nice, and went over as much as she knew from reading the MRI results that we had sent down, We didn't learn a whole lot, but we did learn that there are three causes to the neurological issue Trenton is dealing with.

The first cause is lack of oxygen. 
The second one is silent seizures.
The third one is a disease.

She said that they would be able to tell more from having a pediatric radiologist read Trenton's MRI. But that while we were already down there we should have an EEG done on Trenton to see if he was having silent seizures, or is prone to having the. So we headed over to the EEG lab, fed Trenton, and then went back into the lab. They placed 29 electron readers all over T's head, he hated hated hated that! He hates his head touched anytime, but especially when being held down and handled for that long. The poor guy was so confused as to why we were doing that to him, but he did great! And when they were done I was able to hold him while they did the test.

The test was 45 mins long, and he had to be asleep for 35 mins of that. I had the honor of trying to get our over tired boy to sleep, lucky me! Thankfully it didn't take him to long, but then 35 mins later we had to wake him up for the remaining 10 mins of the test. The last 10 mins were T looking into a strobe light while it did a series of different strokes and flash's. 

Trenton did awesome for the EEG! I was so thankful!
When the test was all done we packed up and headed for lunch at California Pizza 
kitchen, yum!


 Then back on the road to head home.
We got the results back for the EEG, and everything looks good! No seizures!
Thank goodness! So know we are just waiting to hear back about what the pediatric radiologist found out, and then we will know what road we need to head down for treatment.
So I guess here's to waiting.......

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