Sunday, February 12, 2012

The newest updates on life:

 With a combination of a busy last few weeks and no Internet, blogging has not been making an appearance. Lots to up date on.

First off, today I hit 29 weeks along. What a relief!!! Last week was filled with anxiety for me, I was in constant worry of something happening....but thankfully it didn't! Now I can relax, a little at least!
I can fill my body changing daily.  The stretch marks are slowly showing up, my hips are widening, my body aches most nights, my headaches have returned as well as the blasted heartburn, my belly button has officially become an outie, I can't touch my toes any longer, it hurts to bend over, and clothes are starting to not fit-even if they just fit a week or so ago. The joys of pregnancy!! I have really tried to not complain as much as possible, because this is what I have been praying for...but some-days are better than others. This baby is very active, which I love! He is constantly swimming back and forth, and kicking me all over the place! He dislikes when I sit, he just hits and kicks me the entire time. You can watch my stomach go all over the place at night, and even see his little hands/feet when he kicks extremely hard. 

On Feb 1st we had a little scare in which sent me to the hospital. The day had been good, nothing out of the ordinary really. Until I returned back to the hotel that night, we were getting our plates ready for a delicious meal a neighbor had prepared for us when out of no where I was doubled over in pain. The pain lightened but stayed for the entire meal. When I was done eating my dad suggested that I call my doctor and see what he wanted me to do. I called the answering service and explained the pain I was having. The pain of crazy intense on my right side, down there. I also had been 'leaking' for lack of better terms, for the past two days. Dr. Oldroyd explained that he wanted me to go be check out at the hospital. So off I went. I met Mike in the parking lot and we checked in and immediately were hooked up to monitors, and had test ran. We sat there for about an hour and a half, we chatted with our very nice nurse and just listened to our babies heartbeat like crazy! That sound was joyous! He hated the monitor on him, he kept kicking it and trying to swim away from it.

The test came back and the results showed that I was not in labor, that the baby much have hit my right side round ligament, causing me sever pain. It also showed that I wasn't leaking amniotic fluid, but rather peeing my pants....gross! I think that is seriously so sick, and I don't understand how you can't tell your peeing but the nurse explained to me that it's very commune for pregnant women to have a slight leak every now and then. I still think it's nasty. But with these results we were discharged and sent out the door, happy campers! I was given some strongly recommended advice from the nurse and from my doctor, I now have to sit as much as possible to keep the stress off of my lower half. And I also need to get more fluids in my system, I guess I was very dehydrated. I can handle that, although it is difficult to sit....don't they know how big my to do list is!!!!

This picture is from 3 weeks ago but I never got around to posting it. 
26 weeks

Feb 3, 2012
Also new in our lives: Moving day happened! On Feb 3, 2012 the moving trucks came and started moving our belongings out of the house. We also got to move into our rental house the same day. The rental house in just the field over from our home, which is convenient. We have been in the rental for a week now, living on the basics. Haha it's been interesting, but sooo nice to be in a house! We have all rental stuff in the house, down the can opener and toilet bowl cleaner! It's funny what you realize you need at random times! We are grateful for everything the insurance company has provided us with, however August can't get here soon enough! 
As for everything else in life, Mike and I have been house hunting and think we have found our home. We placed on offer on it yesterday, however there is also another current offer in on it, so we will see what happens. We are supposed to know by Tuesday...wish us luck!


Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

They moved your stuff out on Jan 3rd or Feb 3rd? I am so confused! You look great Megs, how come I didn't know about that scare!!! Glad everything is ok. Sure love you guys. Crossing my fingers about the house! xoxo

Mindee and Austin said...

Good luck on getting your new house! I hope you get it! Im glad that scare turned out ok, those babies in there can give us quite the worries cant they? Your bump is so cute! Im glad you got a good rental house to live in...I hope they can finish your house sooner than August! Love ya megs!

Stacie Couch said...

So glad you made it past 28 weeks! I hope that boy stays in for at least a few more weeks. That is so exciting about your house offer, let us know! Love you :)

Braiden and Brittany Pickett said...

Doctor Oldroyd is my doctor too! Isn't his nurse the cutest!?! You look adorable. Hang in there and I can't wait to see that little boy.