Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy 23rd Birthday!

I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, 23 can you believe it??? It was a day full of relaxation and fun.
I started the day out with happy birthday texts beginning at 7am.-note, I didn't have to work.
Mike then took me to Los Alberto's for a breakfast burrito. Then it was home to relax and get ready for the day. My mom and Morgan took me to lunch and then we ran some errands, which included buying my b-day cupcakes and a present or two. After that we went home, I read some blogs, worked on some scrap booking, then Mike came home and we got ready for the BBQ.
We had both family here along with Mitch and Amy who came for a little while.

We ate a bunch of my favorite things: teriyaki grilled chicken tenders, pretzel jello salad,fruit with dip, spinach salad, rolls from Geraldine's, lemon water, corn on the cob and for dessert....
Coco Bean red velvet cupcakes! SO GOOD!!!

I was spoiled this year, receiving $80 worth of Joannes gift cards, a metal birdie, a rooster severing tray, a scooter ride or two, warm wishes cards, white cheddar popcorn, a bobbin winder, and a yard sale picnic table that will be my project for the next several weeks!

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday either by phone, text, card, note, words, gifts, or over facebook!!! I really enjoyed feeling so loved!

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Mindee & Austin said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CUTE GIRL! I cant belive I hadnt wished you happy bday...I hope youre day was great, it sounds like it was! I think about you and how your doing sometimes, and I hope all is well. Love ya girl, your amazing!