Saturday, July 23, 2011

Elder Jex Returns Home

Elder Jex returned home from his honorable full time LDS mission on Tuesday July 19, 2011.
He flew into the Idaho Falls airport, and was greeted with a warm welcome home!
Following the airport our family made our way over to President Fullers(the stake president) office where Elder Jex became Jordan Jex again. We then headed to Jordan's pick for lunch...Red Robin. His request was a good old fashion hamburger, and it was delivered. It's been fun having Jordan back home with the rest of our family, it's been an adjustment for not only him but for the rest of us. But we love it!

Here is an over load of pictures from his first day at home.


some of the gifts brought home for us to enjoy.

The friends that came to welcome him home.

group photo.

The two other Elders who returned from the same mission on the same day.

It's been fun listening to him speak, it's English with a Spanish accent. It's also been great to hear his stories and listen to the things he did daily. He is still a little weird, but not to bad, but he is a little lost on not having a set schedule daily. He speaks in church tomorrow for his homecoming.

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Kristy said...

I'm so sad I could not come up yesterday. My mom said it was awesome!!!!