Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Not to be a party pooper...

But today, well more like this past hour has been one of those kinds of days. And I don't mean to complain, or use this as a let out to my issue...but since it's mine I will for right now.
::I am struggling with my emotions
::I am struggling with certain people in my life, although I still do and always will love them
::I am struggling with the thought of having no anxiety meds to rain me in
::I am struggling not having my child here
::I am struggling with not having, or not using my filter
::I am struggling with my attitude.
::I am struggling, with but also am happy for so many people around me
::I am struggling with thinking my life has hit pause, while others are in fast forward mod
::I am struggling to not be addicted to the computer, and am failing.
::I am struggling with my job, but not necessarily the people
::I am struggling, or more like just having a moment in life
There. That is it. I hope. I'm done. Life is going to move on, people are going to keep moving forward, life isn't going to ever be the same, blah. I'll get over it, promise.
Tomorrow is a new day, and a new me.
{On a happier note, Saturday I am throwing a BIG baby shower to two lovely ladies in my life, who are more like sistas to me!! Can't wait to show you all the work I have done!}

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Stacie Couch said...

I have definitely had moments similar to this! Sorry to be the cause of some of your pain....I love you so much though! We will all get through the bad days together so we can enjoy the happy days together :)