Monday, December 13, 2010

aching to want

Feeling sad, don't know exactly what brought it on but that's what happens most times.
Miss him. Love him. Need him. Aching for him.
Just needing a good cry tonight.
Love You Angel Baby!


Stacie Couch said...

It seems like whenever I have my big cry sessions that I was having a perfectly good day and nothing really brought it on but I suddenly feel awful. I am sorry that you are going through one of those days! Cry! I feel like it helps...even though it gives me a headache :) Miss you Megan!

Love Bug Bows said...

We all have our moments, and you are definitely entitled to have yours! Praying for you guys always! Wish I could have met your beautiful Angel Baby, maybe someday. Merry Christmas

Emily Duncan

Braiden and Brittany Pickett said...

Definitely been there. I hope you know I still think of you and pray for you ALL the time!