Friday, October 8, 2010

tagged TWICE!

OK so I was tagged by two different lovely ladies, so it's gonna be a long post all-about-me!

Allie's is first:
1-What is your favorite Christmas tradition?
*getting new pj's and watching 'The Christmas Story' on Christmas Eve!
2-What is your favorite way to relieve anger/frustration?
*well now days it is doing Zumba, I love it seriously!
3-What was the last good movie that you watched? Why?
* was just so great!
4-What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
5-Name 5 things that make you happy!
*the LDS gospel, Michael Gary, all of my family, my angel baby, crafting!
6-Describe your perfect day.
*The day I got married in the temple, sealed to my sweetheart forever!
7-What is the worst job you have ever had?
*cleaning the Budweiser Plant....sick!
8-If you could relive the best day of your life, what day would it be? I want details! :)
*The first time I got to hold Carter, sitting in the chair with my hubby next to me and holding my baby....perfect!

Now Stacie's is up:
1. What is your favorite commercial on TV right now? Or recent favorite?
*The Progressive Auto commercial with the older couple.....
'so you're saying it gets better with age???' too funny!
2.What do you and your significant other argue about most often?
*Wants vs. Needs hahah
3. If you were the lunch lady at school, what would you make to gross the kids out? My lunch lady made PB&J pizza to get you started with ideas...
*Well this is hard because I love food, and I never had a bad school lunch.
4. What clique would you say that you belonged to in high school?
*the average joes??? haha I don't think we really were a clique...were we???
it was manly 5 girls and mike....hahahaha
5. Open up your picture file on your computer. Count across or down 7 pictures, and you are not allowed to skip! Post it for us to see with a caption explaining if you would like.

-let me explain a little....Mom and I along with my friends Amy and her sis Katie went on a cruise right before Mike came home(2 years ago). This picture was taken on the first day, during our safety drill....we were board, OK I we started taking pictures and I felt like having fun! I love this picture's one of my faves of mom and me! love her!
6. What is your worst experience as an employee?
*well while holding an impression in a ladies mouth for an upper denture she started to gag and made herself throw up....while my hands were still in her mouth! and then she peed her pants. lovely day!!
7. What item can you never walk by in the grocery store without being seriously tempted to buy it? * peanut m&ms and pomegranate 7*up during the fall/winter holidays!
8. The most awkward thing to happen to you last week was...
*walking through walmart last Saturday...not showered, sweats on, just woke up hair, no make-up....prayin I wouldn't find someone I knew...don't worry I did. and searching around making sure that no one was taking pictures of me to add me on HERE. seriously my neighbor was on it!

so I'm gonna tag: Melissa, Amy, Courtney, Annie, Kourtney T, Lesa, Jill, Whitney!
-my questions are: just take 8 questions out of the ones I just answered and do them yourself!


Jill said...

oh my heck i loved the #6 worst experience as an employee. haha made me laugh! i remember my mom telling me this story. SO AWFUL!

dustin and kourtney said...

Well since I just got added to your blog I just saw this!! I will NOW do it...a month late :) Assuming I am kourtney t? haha