Sunday, September 26, 2010

Relief Society Meeting

Last night. Sep 25, 10 was the Relief Society Meeting. It was wonderful! I learned so many great things, and I can only pray that I can take them into my daily life and use them.
Sister Allred and President Monson were my favorite talks. The things they said were powerful to me, and I walked away from the church last night up lifted and in lightened.
Here are a few key points I thought were great.

Sister Allred:
*Counsel with the Lord in all they doings and he will direct you for good.
*Strengthen the weak and you will be strengthened.
*God knows each and everyone of us personally, he knows everything that we go through.

What powerful points these each are, especially for me right now. To know and understand to the fully existent that God knows each and every person on this earth, loves us, cares for us, and knows the pain and suffering as well as the joy and excitement that we go through is comforting to me.

President Monson:
*Are we looking through a window that needs cleaning?
are we making judgements before we know all of the facts?
-This story about the young women who judge her neighbor for not being a good house wife and cleaning properly, then it turns out that it's the young wife who isn't cleaning properly was to funny and so true. How many times in my life have I look at first glance and judge another, when really I should have been looking at my own self???
*"If you judge people you have no time to love them"-Mother Teresa
*Charity never faileth, charity is the pure love of Christ.
*True charity is love in action.

As I look at my own life and know the pains I'm going through, it makes me wonder how many people are hiding things that they go through? People are good at hiding what they don't want other to know about them, most people can put the mask on and you would never know it.
It makes me sad to think that we are all suffering in our own ways about something, it makes me what to go out and start healing. I know I can't do this, but I can try.
"Surrender yourself in service", I think this might be a new motto for me.

I'm so grateful that I was able to go and listen and learn these things to better myself as well as others around me. I also can't wait for the talks to be posted on the church website so that I can read them again, and maybe get more out of them. This makes me excited for next weekend...conference weekend! Happy Sunday!


Michelle said...

It's funny that those are the same points I loved and remembered most. It was a truly amazing meeting. Pres. Monson just knows what to say. He really is a Prophet of God. Hey, let's do Zumba together and suck JAmie Elison in with us. She did that to me so it must be done back!! hahahahaha

Cinderella, the A-Train and Our Little Caboose said...

It was such a fantastic meeting. We are so blessed to have the freedom and technology to listen to a modern day prophet. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Megs, I sure love ya!

Megann said...

I loved President Monson's talk too. I'm so glad we got to go. It was such an uplifting evening.